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Learning Mindfulness with Marsha Gehl

Marsha Gehl, DC (doctor of chiropractic) has been a healthcare provider/chiropractor for 30 years helping people with acute and chronic pain as well as helping them establish healthier lifestyles. Her career naturally progressed over the years to include continued education in mental health and wellbeing. Her own struggles with depression and chronic pain led her to discover meditation and later, led her to the mindfulness arena including a certificate in a teachers’ training program and eventually to becoming a Mindfulness and Meditation Educator. I recently had the pleasure of talking to Marsha about ‘mindfulness’ and its role in our health. Hi Marsha, thank you so much for taking time with us today! I’m excited to dig into this timely topic with you!   Q: What is Mindfulness?     A: Mindfulness is an awareness of one’s self in the present moment, on purpose and with intention, and without judgment.  It’s being aware of one’s thought and feelings in the moment and havin

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