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Decorating Tips for Inspiring Wellness and Stress Management

  Living your best life on the daily means including certain lifestyle habits and systems such as creating a beautiful, functional environment; consistent daily exercise; high quality nutrition; stress management, and plenty of down time. Image above, Axel Vervordt  Taking the time to create a beautiful, restful home will be the one thing to set you up for success in many facets of your life and make all your tasks including daily self-care easier and so much more enjoyable! One of the most important decisions you’ll make for feelings of restfulness and wellbeing at home is the right color. Image Via Houswears Blog Color   Colors sitting next to one another on the color wheel are considered compatible and create simple combinations. Cool colors like blue, green and some shades of purple are restful. Cool colors recede. On walls they increase the size of the room and add depth. To visually enlarge your space and create a restful appearance, use light, cool colors with minimal co

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