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joy of nesting
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Climbing the Walls... Some Flowery Inspirations for Spring

I don't know about you, but spring fills me with energy. Can you believe it's only four weeks away? I've put together a little gallery of my favorite climbing vines to inspire us both.

Bougainvillea, roses, wisteria, clematis, trumpet vine, honeysuckle, jasmine...

Clipped and controlled, or overgrown and blowsy...

I'm dreaming of adding flowering vines to my garden, but it's so full already I wouldn't know where to start.

Divine smells and color. Purple clematis flowing over a garden wall.

Bougainvillea covered arbor over a dining area. You might have petals in your soup before lunch is through, but wouldn't it be worth it?

Trained wisteria on an iron arbor. Crushed granite patio cover.

Iris along a garden path. Rustic arbor covered in grape vines.

Warm, limestone walls surrounded by vines and flowers. Barroux, France.

A cherub statue barely detectable through the maze of climbing roses.

Boxwood around a fountain, a perennial favorite among gardeners.  Bay standards and Banks roses too. Annie Moore.

Clematis surrounding a garden gate.

Image above by French photographer Clive Nichols.

Woodwardia, ivy and climbing fuchsia surrounding a path at Hidcote Manor near Chipping Camden in Gloucester, England. Gloucester is in one of the most picturesque areas of England, the Cotswold's.

Dominique LaFourcade. I might take up fishing if I had a pond like this.

The sweetest shed in the world.

Doorway blocked by hydrangeas and wisteria. A beautiful entrapment.

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  1. thanks for including me- (courtyard with boxwood and bay tree topiaries)



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