Topiary and Greenery... the Home's Missing Element

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Indoor plants and flowers to make a room feel lived in. If your room is missing something elemental and you can't put your finger on what it is, chances are good that's it's either scale, texture, color or greenery.
As greenery goes, moss has been a great favorite of mine for years. So much, in fact, that I have it scattered in select spots of my living and dining rooms as a variation of the common houseplant.
These tiny moss pots are irresistible with their silver finish and bright green texture. They would be sweet in a grouping of three along a sideboard or on a night stand in the guest room.

Rosemary topiary, lovely on the eyes as well as nose. They add a hominess to casual gatherings, especially the breakfast table.

In my own home, I like to incorporate a variety of types of greenery. This is a dried bay leaf assembled on a thin, round wire. It would be a perfect kitchen accessory except for the fact that you would be loathe to remove the leaves for cooking!

And for Valentine's Day, the insouciant combination of pink and red roses. Tres Francais.

These triple topiary in mossy, green pots bring to mind the fleeting days of summer gardening.

Dried boxwood wreath against a black door. But do keep yours indoors away from direct light. Outdoors, they fade in a matter of days.

Add a sweet touch to your guest room with an olive lined, willow basket filled with soaps and pumice.

A fresh rosemary wreath against a rustic, linen chair.

Tiny boxwood euonymus satisfy my winter cravings for greenery. These will do well in a sunny indoor spot but eventually need to be transplanted out of doors. Do so when the weather begins to warm up as this is the best time of year for transplanting.

While our friends on the east coast are seeing snow storms, here in northern California we are having a terrible drought. My poor daffodils are blooming already and we've yet to see any real winter weather. It's meant a lot more tennis which is appreciated but if we don't get some rain, our lawns may be brown this coming summer.

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  1. Hi Shiree, Nice to meet you. Your blog is beautiful! I'm a big fan of having lots of greenery in my home too. Love all your examples. ~Delores

  2. Shiree, I so agree with this. I must have living plants and flowers around me at all times. They just make me happy and my house doesn't work without them. I love "C Magazine" and I'm going to visit to see what you did there. xx's

  3. Hello Marsha! I counted fifteen plants or plant type objects in my living room. Looking at the first photographs I had done of the room (for my website) there was very few and I much prefer the more evolved look. The C Magazine was a piece they did on me a few years ago. Thank you for stopping by! Shiree'


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