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Let Me...Entertain You: A Gallery of Party Decorating Ideas

My inner, social butterfly appears whenever I see images like the ones featured here in today's Joy of Nesting blog. I especially love informal gatherings which is odd because I'm more of a formal person.

There is something warm and wonderful about entertaining ala rustica. Most of these entertaining ideas capture that rusticity. I provided photo or designer credit wherever available.

Grapefruit and rosemary spritzers on a tray.

Lovely graphic patterns from Hen House Linens.

Dining Etiquette 101, because we need a little guidance at times.

Lavender votive, sweet as can be and easy to assemble with a dab of double sided Scotch Tape.

Monogrammed bottle tags.

Dining chez Muriel Brandolini.

Margarita shots in salted lime halves. Adorable, even if a little cumbersome.

A spot of brilliance from Los Angeles interior designer Nathan Turner: green beans and dips in pewter julep cups.

There is nothing quite so convivial as a service bar. This one features olive and olive oil samplings.

One of the most charming ideas I have seen in awhile...fireflies.

There are times to pull out all the stops. This Moroccan inspired table shouts "girlfriend's birthday".

My neice Ruby Sabine would approve of this idea: slate place mats.

For the bridal shower. Swizzle sticks are easy and inexpensive to make. I did mine with quality balsam sticks from a craft store.

Rugs leading to an outdoor pavilion provide a sense of festivity.

Creativity can fall by the wayside when faced with the challenges of cooking for company. When I plan an event or dinner party, it's extremely helpful to have one or two go-to places for a wide variety of curated ideas. I like keeping mine in my Pinterest files.

For more of the ideas I've been collecting lately, click here.

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