Joy of Cooking...A Gallery of Ever So Charming Kitchens

My husband David retired recently and we have just combined homes for the first time in our six year relationship. Now that he's here full time, I've been spending more time in the kitchen than ever. That's not a bad thing but I do hope the calories don't find their way to our respective mid-sections.

I love cooking, baking and entertaining. And I must say, I love a variety of kitchen design styles. Here is a little kitchen gallery for you to peruse. And if you scroll down a little further to my previous blog post, you'll find a marvelous recipe for my Minestrone soup with fire roasted tomatoes and dried Porcini mushrooms.

For more of my favorite kitchens on Pinterest, click here.


  1. Really nice selection of kitchens - my favorite room in my house.

    1. Hi Karol, Thank you for stopping by and replying on my post on kitchens. Have a great day! Shiree'


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