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joy of nesting
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Organization Inspiration

Since November and December are traditionally the busiest time of year for designers, I've been spending a lot of time in the office. A reader sent me these wonderful, inspiring ideas for storage and office. I'm so grateful to have an office of my own that meets my need for attractive storage.

My favorite organizational tools have to do with cubbies, baskets and decorative boxes. the above office has these in spades.

I'm not sure this wall calendar would work for me but it is an attractive idea none the less.

A modern living room setting can handle the casual storage/book shelves featured in the image above.

Function under the eaves. A spacious, light filled space that's functional for children or guests.

I love catalog boxes and binders for organizing clients information, design vendor catalogs and magazine clippings.

Industrial office meets classic upholstery. Love the metal shelving and linen Roman shade.

I have thought about doing this to my own sideboard many times. If this piece were in my office, it would be filled with design books, business books and little decorative boxes of passementerie samples.

And now for some pure fluff...a stylized version of a designer's office. This isn't what my office looks like but it certainly has a lot of visual interest. Scalamandre fabrics and trim.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend!

Savoring the Last Days of Autumn...a Fall Pictorial

These are a few of my favorite fall images. I wish it were spring and fall year round. Six months of each. Garrison Keillor says "don't take the weather personally" but I do. I can't help it. I like it when the great outdoors is temperate and pretty.


Pumpkins filled with mums on someone's front staircase. Could it be New York perhaps?

A pumpkin lined street. If it has to rain, why not have a few pops of color to brighten the afternoon landscape.

Bringing the outdoors in. If this runner doesn't inspire your Thanksgiving table, I don't know what will.

Joe Ruggiero Sr.: urn with autumn leaves and pumpkins in a lovely store display. Joe's work is always tasteful and special.

More Thanksgiving inspiration. This time it's white pumpkins, vinca vines and moss balls in an antique bread bowl.

Sweet and simple table setting, the best sort. Victoria Amory. So classic. Enjoy your week!

Welcome to My Blog: "Union Democrat" Design Column Readers!

A special thank you to the readers of my bi-weekly design column at  the Union Democrat for tuning into my blog. If you don't already follow my blog and would like to, enter your address in the box provided where it says Follow Joy of Nesting by email. It's on the right column. Rest assured, I don't share your email addresses with anyone.

I am Joy of Nesting and this is my blog. I'm the only person who writes for or "posts" on this blog so you know you're reading my editorials and not someone else's.

These images are just a few of the pieces I've chosen for the project I was telling you about in the November 21st column. The cocktail table above is one of my favorites. It's made of reed, bamboo and has a wood top. I love that's it's traditional, functional and casual. It has a very nice, classic appeal to it.

The mirror above is quite ornate and has a rusted finish. I love that it's Victorian inspired, perfect for the older home project I'm working on.

Conversely speaking, this option is contemporary. I'm not a big fan of contemporary but in some projects it's called for.

This bar cart is another classic choice. I love it's "swank" appearance. It would look great in the corner of my client's living room with a big vase of fresh flowers, wine and glasses, and other goodies for party noshing.

I love blurring the lines of furniture use, as do the manufacturers of this rain drum. The rain drum, cum cocktail table has a Bohemian feel to it. It gives an unexpected element to many styles of decor.

Stay tuned in the coming months for more projects "in the works". I'll be sharing more on this project, and others in the coming weeks and months.

To visit my other website click here... Shiree Hanson Segerstrom website.

FALL FLORAL adorn your Thanksgiving Table

Pumpkins as vessels for food and flowers isn't a novel idea but it certainly is pretty. This one requires a mass of material. You could accomplish the same effect for less money by using grocery store mums and fresh greenery from your garden. Heavenly Bamboo is a nice filler.

This cornucopia filled with wheat, miniature pumpkins and apples is so pretty on a rustic sideboard.

Warm and wonderful colors and textures in this footed urn with orange-red mums and Kangaroo Paws.

I've run this image before with Eucalyptus, rose hips and coffee berries in pewter vases but it bears repeating. Simple arrangements are often the best.

A cream colored, footed bowl filled with kumquats, peppers and squash. Lovely items from your green grocer. Natural materials from the produce section of your grocery store are easy to work with.

Sauteed Mushrooms Atop Greens and Guacamole

Since going vegetarian last summer I've been making a salad for my big meal of each day.

My salads aren't jut a few greens, tomatoes and some onion. Into one ten inch plate I fit a huge portion of my daily fruit and vegetable requirements as well as healthy fats like walnuts, avocado and olive oil.

Spinach Salad with Sautéed Mushrooms and Guacamole

Two cups loose, fresh spinach
1/4 cucumber peeled, seeded and chopped
Home made guacamole (recipe to follow)
1/2 pint sauteed mushrooms
1-2 T. butter
Olive oil, sea salt, ground pepper and lemon juice to taste


1 avocado, mashed
juice of 1/2 lime
1-2 garlic cloves, finely chopped

Slice mushrooms and saute' in large skillet with butter. Set aside.

In a medium size bowl, mash the avocado (I like to use a potato masher), adding the lime juice and garlic. Set aside.

On a large dinner plate place spinach, cucumber and mushrooms. Dress with oil, lemon juice and season. Place a large helping of guacamole on top and serve immediately on a chilled plate.

The flavors and textures are divine. Perfect dinner for early autumn while the days are still slightly warm.


PLANNING AHEAD...Professional Christmas Decorating 2013

I can hear the groans from here. You are saying "it's not even Thanksgiving yet". But if you want to have your home or office decorated you need to get on the calendar now.

I have four, six and eight hour packages. Available dates are Monday through Friday, starting at 9:00 a.m. December 2nd through 6th and December 9th through 13th.

Space is limited. Available within two hours of San Francisco.

For more information on how to take advantage of this service, please email us at


It's been a busy week at Shiree Hanson Segerstrom: all sorts of hustle and bustle, including sourcing furnishings for three recent design projects. I just had to share some of my favorites.

The above cocktail table is one of my absolute must haves in designing traditional and transitional homes. I'm extremely finicky about cocktail tables. So many of them on the market today in my opinion, are tacky.

The above is a "rain drum", popular for use as a cocktail table. I would love to see this in a contemporary setting with natural textiles or even as a softening element in a modern design scheme.

The ornate, over sized mirror with a rusted out finish is really beautiful. I feel it would be lovely in many styles of decor whether traditional, transitional, country, or even in some contemporary settings.

What I love about the quatrefoil shaped mirror above is the silver leaf finish. Finishes can make or break a piece and this one doesn't disappoint.

Another thing I love about all four pieces is how surprisingly affordable they are despite their wonderful quality and clever designs.

All pieces available through Shiree Hanson Segerstrom. Email me for a quote!

WINTER NESTING READS...A Few New Design Books to Check Out for Evenings by the Fire

Fifth Avenue Style, Howard Slatkin

Howard Slatkin's new book is based on his own philosophies with richly photographed images by Tria Giovan. Howard's own Fifth Avenue apartment is featured throughout the book.

I share Howard's philosophy in that a home should be a personal, comfortable and calming refuge. Keep in mind these things are different for different people: uniquely felt by all of us.

In Howard's case, a personal refuge has an evolved, sophisticated design scheme with fine furnishings, art and antiques collected over the course of many years.

Beauty at Home, Aerin Lauder

Estee Lauder cosmetic heir, Aerin Lauder tries her hand in the home furnishings and fabric design industry. To get the word out... a beautiful new book. Having lived in a number of richly decorated homes herself, she's been privy to the decorating styles of professional designers and to her own mother's (Evelyn) fab style both of which she is applying to good use in her new book. Photographs by the inimitable Simon Upton.

Aerin has a new shop opening soon in the Hampton's where her Grandmother had a home for years. The home, newly decorated by Aerin, is featured in the book.

Farrow & Ball, Decorating with Colour, Ros Byam Shaw

Farrow and Ball is one of a handful of high quality paints on the market today. Higher pigment content is one of several stand out features of using F and B. Higher pigment content means richer color. Containing photography specially done for the book, it shares fresh ideas for decorating with paint and wallpaper.

Stephen Sills Decoration, Stephen Sills

Stephen's newest book representing sixteen of his own handsome, clean, and well edited design projects. Every lovely element created or curated by Sills, stands on it's own merit. Photographed by Francois Halard. Also by Stephen Sills: Dwellings.

Mario Buatta, Fifty Years of American Interior Decorations

Spanning five decades of Mario Buatta's own design projects. His easily identifiable decorating style is an Americanized version of English Country with lots of pattern and cheery colors all wrapped up in busy, livable decor. His long list of famous clients includes Barbara Walters, Malcom Forbes and Mariah Carey. The look is very "wealthy grandmother's New York penthouse" but in my opinion, that's a great thing. I love his style.

Simply Serene, Thomas Pheasant

Award winning designer Thomas Pheasant's new book. Well edited spaces, controlled color schemes, and classical elements are at the heart of Thomas' design work. His new book gives the reader a sensible approach to design, presenting his own design projects as prime examples.

With the days getting shorter and outdoor activities coming to a halt, a few great design books can offer us something to look forward to.

Set out a fire in advance and when you return home at the end of the day, turn on some classical music, pour a cup of hot herbal tea or a glass of red wine and light the fire. These new books will take you away to beautiful new places, if only for a few hours.


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