joy of nesting

joy of nesting
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Mission Accomplished-a New Rectory for Father R.

For the past few weeks I've been working on a church rectory project. It entailed going to several church owned residences, choosing various furnishings from each, having them moved to the new rectory, and placed.

I had a beautiful sofa to work with, a large framed mirror, some interesting religious artwork, and various end tables and lamps. I found this lamp in a spare bedroom in one residence we were picking from. I wondered if it was Meissen but I'm not an expert on ceramics.

The carpet made a definite statement that had to be worked around. As well, much of the furniture I had to choose from was neutral and made a rather drab space initially.  The end results ended up being rather homey all things considered.

I'm told the priest was quite taken with his new surroundings. Mission accomplished.


  1. Great job, Shiree! Love what you did.

    1. Hello Teresa, I haven't been by Splendid Sass lately. Things have been busy here, planning our wedding reception and working with new and returning clients. Life is good. Hoping these are good with you as well! Shiree'



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