joy of nesting

joy of nesting
Shiree Hanson Segerstrom Design and Wellness for Women with Arthritis and Other Chronic Pain.

SNEAK PEAK...a repeat client's new home!

I have been working on the home of previous clients who asked me to help with a downsize. Since the husband recently followed the wife into retirement they found a charming smaller home that would beautifully house the wife's collection of antiques and British mementos.

The living room (not shown) is a real stunner and the dining room is the sweetest little jewel box of a space.

I am very excited to show you when all is finished. A whole house full of curtains that I designed for the previous home are at one of my workrooms being altered for installation soon. This sofa is actually one they purchased from my store years ago and the husband is quite enamored with it.

Candlestick by Roost.  Sofa and floral pillow Shiree Hanson Segerstrom. Denim pillow Ralph Lauren Home.

The LAST GOLDEN RIVET in the Golden Gate Bridge

April 27th marks the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge. On opening day ceremonies my husband's grandfather Charles H. Segerstrom presented to the Golden Gate Bridge and Highway District the last golden rivet that was driven into the bridge.

"I feel particularly honored in being chosen to make this gift of the Last Golden Rivet, a rivet of California gold, to the Golden Gate Bridge and Highway District. It is my desire that it shall remain always in the steel into which it is driven. Mr. Strauss, as chief engineer of the Golden Gate Bridge, I place the golden rivet in your hands", Charles H. Segerstrom.

"Thank you Mr. Segerstrom", Joseph B. Strauss, in an international broadcast from the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, April 27, 1937 on opening day ceremonies.

The golden rivet was later replaced but the plaque remains on the site where it was driven making Grandfather a small part of the bridge's illustrious history. A gold nugget found in one of his mines was on display for several years at the San Francisco Wells Fargo Museum. It was the largest nugget found at the time.

Charles' descendants are proud of his many accomplishments and the roles he played in California's history.

"Civilization is a product of many people and many ages. It is a part of each man's inheritance. What he adds to the sum is a measure of his usefulness on earth. Each does what he can-each gives what he can that the future may be enriched. It is in this spirit I present the gold from California's hills and fashion with my own hands the Last Rivet of the Golden Gate Bridge" Charles Segerstrom.

Bunny's Pop Up Store

Bunny Williams is an east coast interior designer who got her start with Albert Hadley and Sister Parrish.  She and her husband John Rosselli have a lovely store called Treillage.  Bunny has a pop up store opening up May 1 in New York and it will feature her three lines, Beeline, Treillage, and Mirror Image.  It's located at 306 E. 61st St. Floor 4, NY.  Open 9-5,closed Sat. and Sun.

I read a direct quote by Bunny a few weeks ago that I have been shouting from the rooftops for years--and that's "mixing old and new in your homes will give them character and allow them to age gracefully". 

The image above is one of Bunny's stores.  I could shop for hours!

Mirror, Mirror...tops picks from Shiree' Segerstrom Design


Along with the sofas, chairs, lighting, and custom fabric treatments I do for my clients I often provide them with coordinating mirrors.  I'm featuring some of my favorites today. They are beautiful, versatile mirrors that I really love from a wonderful resource I've used for many years.  I hope you enjoy the selections!

Above is a beautiful wooden mirror with antique gold leaf. $196 (21 x 37 x 1.5)

Mansard style mirror $330 (41 x 4 x 37).

A narrow, tall silver leaf mirror, hand carved. $670 (26.5 x 2 x 58).

An ornately carved wood mirror, $310 (23 x 30 x 2.25).

An oval pieced wood mirror, $174 (27.5 x 3 x 33)

A large trumeau mirror of rustic recycled pine $790 (34 x 4.5 x 82)

Recycled pine mirror with carving.  $156 (13 x 1 x 33).

Arched mirror with corner scrolls.  $230 (27 x 2.75 x 34).

All mirrors available through Shiree Hanson Segerstrom.  Lead times vary but if product is in stock it's about 2 weeks.  Tax and shipping applies. 

Early Spring in My Garden

With Easter behind us we can look forward to Mother's Day which happens to be my favorite time of year.  May is the birthday month of my three best friends Melanie, Charlene, and David.  It's the start of the really good weather.  And it's when my garden is at it's lushest green, overflowing with blooming azaleas, fragrant lilacs, dogwood, and a variety of bulbs.

MIRROR MIRROR...a visit to one of my favorite stores

One of my favorite stores just got in shipments.  This is a gorgeous antique mirror at I Love Paris in Oakdale, California.

Above is a wonderful lightweight urn and plinth.  This material, believe it or not, ages quite nicely and looks just like concrete.  When these light concrete "looking" products were first being manufactured they were awful.  Not so anymore.

This is a beautiful detail of the mirror above.   A tip for accessorizing your home: purchase accessories from several different stores so it doesn't all look like a catalog setting.


Many thanks to the Union Democrat for publishing my first ever interior design column tomorrow in their brand new Home and Garden section.  I am happy to be a part of their new endeavor.  Tomorrow's column is entitled "Sacred Spaces" and it's a kind of introduction .

About twelve years ago I finally succumbed  to the convenience of high quality faux topiary and flowers.  Chosen well, they really are quite pretty and hard to tell apart.  The quality has improved greatly over the years and it's reflected in their price tags.   I especially love the look of tall faux myrtle topiary and have them scattered everywhere in my own home as well as clients'.

I have a couple of secret tips I'd like to share to help my clients and readers enjoy topiary and floral arrangements every day, as I do.

Secret 1: Mix faux topiary with live plants around the house.  This gives an overall natural look that you don't get with faux plants alone.  All my live plants are easy-to-care-for creeping fig.  Because live topiary are very expensive I purchased around ten large scale faux ones that don't ever need replacing.  My guests are forever going around the house peering closely at my plants trying to discern between the faux ones and the live ones.  It's a funny site to witness because you know that's what they are doing!

Secret 2: I have a nice collection of vases, all shapes and sizes that I like to have out on display whether or not they have fresh floral arrangements in them.  I keep very real looking, very simple faux floral stems (one flower type only per vase) in the vases for every day and when fresh flowers are available in the garden or at the store, I store the faux flowers and replace with fresh ones.  When they've wilted, I discard and bring out the faux again.


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