joy of nesting

joy of nesting
Shiree Hanson Segerstrom Design and Wellness for Women with Arthritis and Other Chronic Pain.

DESIGN in a BOX ...a by mail design package

Things have been hopping in the old design studio.  I have been asked by a national women's magazine to share Design in a Box, my by mail design package.  They want to feature it in next month's issue.  I have also been working on several wonderful design projects in Sacramento and Granite Bay, and yesterday I was called to design the lobby, conference rooms, and guest rooms of a soon to be redone hotel.

Design in a Box comes with 1 original computer drafted, to scale floor plan showing furniture and lighting placement; a 16 x 20 original concept board of 3 - 5 coordinated fabric samples, inspiring pictures, and 1 - 2 paint chips; dimensions and descriptions of all suggested furniture; an original 1 - 2 page report written expressly for you and your room on logo stationery; and a list of resources on logo stationery for furniture, paint, and fabrics. 

At $495 plus shipping and handling, it arrives in a signature gift wrapped box with logo and takes about 6 weeks to your door.  It's my most economical design service.  You can read more about it on my website by clicking on the little logo above right.

Have a great weekend!

Shiree Hanson Segerstrom

ROOM SERVICE home makeover

One of the quickest projects I've done recently was for a retired school teacher.  Her home is an adobe cottage and guest house with tile roofs, rough hewn interior beams, a courtyard garden in back and a rose garden with boxwood "cornerstones" in front...sigh.

When I arrived for our appointment I found an energetic woman in her 80's who is passionate about her home.  She had been collecting for years, books, prints, antiques, and textiles that provided me an abundance of items from which to choose.

What especially touched me was how much joy she took in seeing her beloved furnishings arranged in a completely balanced and beautiful way.  Three hours sped by as we chatted about ourselves and our families.  While I rearranged the living and dining rooms I visited with Baby, her inquisitive chocolate teacup poodle.

This is my purpose.  I realize that designers aren't curing cancer but to bring beauty, comfort, and joy to clients no matter the size of the home is very satisfying.


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