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A Few Words On Space Planning

One of the more “basic” jobs of a designer is space planning. It’s less showy, less gratifying than choosing and placing the final furniture, finishes, flooring, fabrics and artwork but if it’s not right, if a strong foundation isn’t laid, the overall design work can look pretty silly.Space planning is all about function, particularly in the kitchen. Home trends come and go but other than the overall size increases, the functions of a kitchen haven’t changed that much over the years. We still cook and eat in the kitchen, prepare the morning coffee, bake, and entertain. What changes most are the cabinet styles, the appliances, the color schemes, fixtures, window styles and flooring.
The “work triangle” is at the heart of every well designed kitchen. It’s the placement of the refrigerator, stove/oven and sink. Everything else is less important than these three elements and the distance that lies between them. I’m not saying the Kitchen Aid or cappuccino maker isn’t important. But they ar…

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