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How to Style Your Living Room with Pillows, Accessories and Greenery!

Hey, thanks for swinging by Joy of Nesting! I’m Shiree and I’m super excited you’re here. via Daily Dream Decor This blog is about getting your home freshened up for a new year. It has my very best decorating hacks so stick around and learn and maybe treat yourself to some new home goods for 2-0-2-1. Before you take my word on these decorating hacks for your home, let me tell you why you should listen to me. Again, I’m Shiree’, or sure-ay when you say it quickly. I’ve been an interior designer since 1999. I am a newspaper design columnist, have owned five design stores and have done numerous charitable events like table settings, designer show houses and home tours. All of these experiences have given me a well-rounded ability to design, decorate and style homes and stores, large and small. I know you want to know the difference between designing, decorating and styling and suffice to say design is the big stuff and includes architectural elements; decorating is basically choosin

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