joy of nesting

joy of nesting
Shiree Hanson Segerstrom Design and Wellness for Women with Arthritis and Other Chronic Pain.

My Dirty Little Design Secret plus Three Part Free Design and Wellness Book Series!

I’ve put together three signature freebies for you on design, wellness and mindset. I poured in a ton of experience, guidance, love and hacks into all three so you’ll have some of my best tools to get yourself lots of results!  

I think they are pretty amazing and I hope you will love them too!

Shiree's Three Steps to Mastering Your Mindset

What about your home do you love? What don’t you love? Does it provide you with a place free from frustration and distraction? Do you feel balanced and rested there. Or do you see a lot of unfinished business lurking in its hallowed rooms! Don’t feel bad. Let me tell you my ‘dirty little secret’

Shiree's Five Pillars to Optimal Wellness

It took me almost twenty years and two or three incarnations to get my own, beautiful 1930’s Spanish style home “just right”. Yep. Even though the architecture was spectacular to begin with, it took me time to soften the masculine, craftsman architecture, budget the projects, refurbish the large terraced property and make several non-decorative improvements (hello tile roof leaks).

Shiree's Interior Design and Lifestyle Tips

Got get ya’ self some mama. GO! 

Live beautifully, eat beautifully.


Soothing Paint Colors for Women with Arthritis and Other Chronic Pain

As a woman with chronic pain, you look for ways to soothe yourself physically and mentally, right? Well color is one of my favorite tools when designing homes for women with arthritis but if it’s used incorrectly it can be as much hindrance as help. There are thousands upon thousands of paint colors which can be both a blessing and a curse. 

Arthritis is a heat generating illness. When choosing paint for your home, you want pale, cool and slightly muted colors. Keep color contrasts to a minimum and remember to consider trims and wood finishes in your overall color schemes.

Use flat finishes in your living room, dining room, entry and bedrooms; velvet or eggshell in the kitchen and bathrooms (these soft, semi washable finishes are appropriate for most surfaces), satin which is washable and stain resistant, is good for high traffic areas like hallways and kids’ rooms, and semi-gloss on doors, trim, molding and cabinetry. Gloss is also good for cabinetry, doors, trim and molding but make sure your surface is in excellent condition because gloss shows every imperfection. Gloss is also highly washable.

Dunn Edwards

I worked with an extraordinary color expert Marie Brown, LEED AP ID + C at my local Dunn Edwards to come up with these beautiful colors. Dunn Edwards paint colors are often preferred by interior designers. They are quality paints with a more affordable price per gallon than Pratt and Lambert.

Winter Morn DET 617, light gray

Silver Setting DE 6359, a versatile, complex, light gray (gorgeous on my new kitchen and bath cabinets!)

Porpoise DE 6373, one of DE’s most popular light grays

Miner’s Dust DEC 786, DE’s most popular medium gray beige (this “greige” is a little darker, and would be lovely in a powder room)

Fine Grain DE 6213, a light gray, that is at once cool and warm.

Clear Vision DE 5875, pale blue

Polar Ice DE 5798, pale blue

Morning Mist DEW 388, pale blue

Mist Spirit DE 6302, pale celadon

Lightning Bolt DE 6295, pale celadon

Windy Sky DE 6288, pale celadon

Cool Frost DE 5931, soft lavender

Whisper DEW 340, one of DE’s most popular whites and with good reason

White Picket Fence DET 648, another of DE’s most popular whites

Cool December DEW 383, white

Foggy Day DE 6226, taupe-gray (Greige)

Pratt and Lambert 

One of my favorite paint companies is a boutique company called Pratt and Lambert. Their colorist Cynthia and I devised these color selections just for you! They are pale, soft and cooling, just what you need to soothe pain and cool your inflammation. 

What I love about Pratt and Lambert is that their pigment content is high, giving their paint much more depth and complexity than the others. I prefer their top of line, Accolades formula. 

Some paint companies change, discontinue and add to their formulas so whatever company you go with, always ask for their current, premium paint formulation. Be willing to pay the extra money for it and it will not only look stunningly beautiful, it also won’t need to be repainted for at least ten years. My Pratt and Lambert paints at last count are eight years old and I still sigh when I walk in my home. High quality paints have depth, character, better coverage, are easier to clean, last longer, have fewer toxins and are easier on the home’s inhabitants and the environment in general. Those represent considerable value, even if you pay $20 more per gallon.

Cynthia at Pratt and Lambert was kind enough to help me choose some beautiful paint colors for you.

Chanteuse 25-27 is a beautiful pale blue green.

Chervil 22-30 is a pale celadon.

Hare 2-31 is a soft lavender.

Summer Sky 22-31 is a soft gray-green.

Phantom 11-31 (my living room, entry, dining room, stairwell and halls are Phantom in Pratt and Lambert’s Accolades flat finish and it’s giving me years of sigh inducing, visual pleasure, every time I come home!)

Smokestain Rose 3-1, a muted rose

Half and Half 7-2, white  

My other favorite is Half and Half, a creamy white with skin flattering undertones, perfect for the master bedroom, bathrooms and dressing room. My master bedroom is painted in the flat Accolades Half and Half and also the doors, crown molding, and base molding. It is quite frankly the most beautiful creamy white I’ve ever come across. How often do you actually notice white? Well this one is impossible to ignore.

How to Test Paint

Buy a small amount and paint it on two 8 x 10 pieces of paperboard. Test the color by holding the papers up or taping them close together, wrapped around a corner, opposite the windows. Test in multiple spots during different times of the day. Look at them against plain white paper, and look at many different, yet similar colors side by side to get an accurate idea about each color. 

Choosing Trims and Ceilings

This next part is a bit more advanced than what we’ve been talking about so far. If you have crown molding, choosing ceiling paint is quite a bit easier. But if you don’t, my choices below are the solution. 

Use the whites for ceilings. Use a flat finish. Also use these whites for cabinets, doors and trim, in a semi-gloss or gloss finish, but only if your surfaces are in excellent condition.

Choosing dark accent walls is problematic. Though painters are willing to “cut in” paint color changes from wall to ceiling it never looks professional when there is a noticeable color contrast without crown molding to divide it. To be honest, I never liked the accent wall look to begin with. It looks great in Starbucks and other commercial applications but not in residences, and particularly not in today’s residences where the open floor plan is so prevalent. With all pale wall and ceiling colors there is little color contrast so you can go with a white ceiling if you like or even match the ceiling to the wall color. As long as they are soft and pale like the colors I’ve chosen for you below (with the exception of Miner’s Dust), the magnifying effect of colors bouncing off one another will be minimal.

Go get a copy of my new book Shiree’s Interior Design and Lifestyle Tips. It’s chock full of lifestyle goodness. It’s up on our beautiful, newly remodeled website now!

Live beautifully, eat beautifully.


Thank You Midlife Movement Podcast! Get Your "Wellness at Home" Action Steps Here...

My gorgeous new namesake website Shiree Segerstrom and my three amazing freebies are ready and I'm so, so excited to share them with you! We literally spent three months on these and they are my signature gifts to you all!

Shiree's Interior Design and Lifestyle Tips is beautifully designed and full of my best design principals such as how to create your 'one best' floor plan and my favorite elements. Can you spell scale, texture and greenery! Well I can! 

Shiree's Five Pillars to Wellness is literally everything you want know to get started on a solid, consistent wellness practice right at home so you're no longer reliant on leaving the house or driving somewhere which entails you know, getting on your best yoga clothes and doing your hair! And where you practice healthy eating like making daily fresh green juices and a big raw lunch salad and how to ensure it tastes not just okay, but is absolutely bursting with flavor.

Shiree's Three Steps to Mastering Your Mindset because you are going to run into mental road blocks. We all do, me included! These three tips will completely change your game around so you'll be in control of your mindset, instead of your mind controlling you! 

The Midlife Movement

I was a guest on The Midlife Movement Podcast last week! We talked a lot about putting in place a consistent wellness practice in the home so you won't ever have an excuse or feel the need to skip workouts ever again.

Why is having a wellness practice at home important? Tune into The Midlife Movement Podcast episode number 36, February 5, 2020 entitled Making a Wellness Practice at Home .

As an interior designer and someone who’s committed to a healthy eating plan and exercise, I’ve observed that first: our most consistent wellness practices begin at home.

  • Exercise: You don’t have to go somewhere or stop someplace to exercise, meaning no fancy workout clothes or lipstick is required.

  • Diet: You have the option to “have” or “not have” in the home tempting bad boys like wine, dairy or sugary treats. In other words if it's not there, you won't be tempted.

  • Rest: Where you can always find a quiet, pretty and comfy spot to rejuvenate.

Your home has the ability to support and revitalize or drain you.

  •  When the home is well planned, beautiful to your senses and nicely maintained it adds balance, support and so much joy to your life.

  •  Or conversely speaking, when it’s worn, dysfunctional and dirty it has the ability to drag you down and discourage you, lending to disorganization, depression and apathy not only in your surroundings but in you, you precious gal.

To get you started I’ve prepared a list of action steps below! 

The Pain Free Design and Wellness Clean Sweep

Identify the 10-25 things that really bother you about your home. Write them down and save them, then one by one address the items that you can address. For instance, organizing your kitchen is probably doable in a day or two. But replacing a sofa may not be doable for a year or more. So save the list and keep it handy and address just the things you can right now.

Play with Floor Plans (Furniture Arranging)

There is one and only one ideal furniture arrangement (or floor plan as designers like to call it)for each room. You can use a floor plan app like mine from Chief Architecture or by moving things around until you get them right.

Observe where the fireplace is. Observe the doorways and general foot traffic. Place the largest pieces first.

Add Scale

Scale refers to something that is large. It could be an armoire or an entertainment unit or a large set of built in bookcases. Scale is important to your floor plans because it adds a sense of permanence and stability. The rest of the room must be planned around that large scale piece. It is the room’s anchor.


Give the house a good cleaning and keep it that way. Very few people realize how noticeable dust and dirt are because our conscious eye is accustomed to seeing them. But your subconscious picks up on it and realizes something is uncomfortable.

Open the curtains and clean the windows. Enjoy the views if you’re lucky enough to have them. Open the windows and let fresh air in.


Being a designer and owner of a design store for years, I always realized how big of an effect accessories have on our homes. But when it really became evident was when I updated my own home with just accessories. I spent around $2,000 US dollars on accessories in 2012. The home was already lovely but moving my existing items around and adding these new accessories updated the style and lightened the mood quite a lot.

If Your Home is Missing Something

If your home is missing something and you don’t know what it is, it’s likely scale, texture or greenery.

Texture can come from woven baskets, textiles, cane or rush seating, some wood and stone surfaces, and rugs.

Scale can come from large pieces of furniture, like an armoire, an entertainment unit (to house the tellie), or large built in bookcases.

Greenery is obvious. Any indoor plants. I like a pair of topiary in the dining room at the least. And numerous pots of flowers and house plants (3-5) in the living room. 

And if you'd like even more help getting started, look at my Pain Free Strategy Sessions where together we develop an comprehensive plan for your most important home project, face to face via Skype or Zoom. It has an affordable, set price tag and clear steps to get you from where your home is now to where you want to take it. 

Live beautifully. Eat beautifully, Shiree'

Soup's On! Four of My Favorite, Most Flavorful Vegetarian Soups

Soup’s On

An organic, plant based diet with lots of colorful veggies (mostly raw) and dark, leafy greens is the ideal eating plan for treating almost every chronic illness but so many of we ladies with arthritis haven’t figured out what that looks like. How many salads can you eat in a week, right? How many raw veggies can you eat before you become bored silly? Well if you’re doing it right, one to two meals a day.

Having a big leafy green salad with plenty of raw veggies on top is one of the most delicious and easy ways to get your daily requirements of micronutrients and enzymes. It’s anti-inflammatory too. That’s great for lunch, but what about dinner? Do you crave something warm and heavier than salad? Notice I didn’t say substantial. A big raw salad IS substantial. It’s just not as filling or comforting, nor does it stay with you as long.

I’m going to share some really delicious, arthritis busting soups today. With my way of preparing vegetarian soups, you’ll never be bored Mama.

So what’s the big secret to soup? There are actually two secrets: fat and pink salt. But how do you get fat in a vegetarian soup? Think it’s an oxymoron? Nope. Lemme’ introduce you to plant based fats.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is an excellent plant based fat. It takes great and it’s safe to heat. Start all your soups and chili recipes by melting a generous portion of coconut oil in a large stock pot and adding chopped onion till translucent. In some dishes, like coconut milk ice cream you can really taste the coconut oil. Not so with most soups.

Pink salt

Pink salt (sea salt works too) has no anti-caking chemicals and reportedly more minerals. There are conflicting reports about the difference between pink salt and table salt with iodine added. I’ve read online reports that say there is no difference yet all of the nutritionists’ books I’ve read insist pink salt is not only safe but actually has many redeeming qualities. I use a lot of pink salt in my salads. My doctor says it’s okay because my blood pressure is low.


Are you under the impression that vegetarian cuisine is boring or somehow limited? You would be mistaken. There’s a whole world of vegetables and only a handful of animals that are slaughtered for eating. Vegetarian cuisine can be hearty or light. It’s highly nutritious. It’s flavorful. And it’s a much kinder way of living. These soups are husband tested and approved but to be safe, plan for him a chicken breast on the side.

I’m including the brands I buy because they have no fillers, preservatives or dangerous chemicals like calcium chloride in them. I buy all organic ingredients. According to the experts books I’ve read, this is so important. But I realize buying organic takes a mindset shift. It’s not so much that we can’t afford organic produce. It’s that we prioritize different things like wine, beer, travel, a better car, etc. The reality is either you spend the money on healthy food or on hospital stays later. It took me about five years to go from non-organic to partially organic to fully organic. Now I will do without many other things (expensive clothes, new household items, trips) before I skimp on food.

I don’t use recipes for my soups. As long as I start with hot oil and onion, I know the rest will fall into place.

Vegetarian Tortilla Soup

Corn tortillas, sliced in thin strips and fried in coconut oil
(I like the organic ones by La Tortilla Factory. Food For Life corn tortillas are all natural too.)
Coconut oil for frying

Coconut oil for sautéing onion and for soup base, about 4-5 T.
Pacific brand vegetable stock, about 24 oz.
Red bell pepper, chopped, about half
Pomi chopped tomatoes with juice, about 13 oz.
Victoria chopped mild green chilis with juice, 2 small cans
Kidney beans, about 2 15 oz. cans, rinsed
Plenty of mild red chili powder, about 1 ½ T.
Cumin, about 2 t.
Jalapeno, about ¼, seeded and chopped
Small package frozen organic white corn (it’s important to buy organic because corn is a big GMO crop and you don’t want that!)
Red onion, about half, chopped
Garlic, about 4 cloves, chopped

Lime wedges
Red or green cabbage, sliced thin
Coyo, all natural coconut milk yogurt (Delicious and healthy in place of sour cream!)
avocado slices

Place coconut oil in large stock pot. Sautee onion till soft. Add spices. Toss for a few minutes till absorbed. Add beans and mild chilis. Stir to coat. Add stock and tomatoes. Simmer on low about 15 minutes.

In heavy skillet, fry tortilla strips till almost brown. Watch so they don’t burn. Transfer to paper towels to blot excess oil.

Add pink salt and additional oil at the end of cooking for more flavor is desired. I use olive oil at this point but you can stick with coconut oil if you prefer.

Top with cilantro, cabbage, tortilla strips and lime. You’re gonna’ love it. It’s “Souper” flavorful!

Vegetarian Posole

This special recipe has been adapted by me for a vegetarian diet. It’s originally from the Ann Burch, previous owner of the Side Street Café, Los Olivos California, courtesy of my long time friend Karen Langley Stevens, Santa Ynez.

32 oz. Pacific brand vegetable stock
Coconut oil
1 med. Yellow onion, chopped
2 T. mild chili powder
1 red bell pepper, chopped
6 to 7 cloves garlic, chopped
1 to 2 T. cumin
1 to 2 t. Mexican or Greek oregano
2 16 oz. cans Juanita’s Mexican style hominy, rinsed
3 T. cornstarch mixed with ¼ C. water
Smokey hot chipotle powder, ½ t.


Chopped radishes, pico de gallo, tortilla strips, chopped green cabbage.

In a large stock pot, sautee onion in coconut oil till soft. Add chili powder, cumin and oregano. Stir till coated. Add pepper, garlic, hominy. Stir for a few minutes till pepper is softened and hominy is coated. Add stock and chipotle powder. Simmer till gently boiling. Add cornstarch and water.

Simmer gently for fifteen minutes. Top with garnishes. Posole is super delicious and filling without the meat. I like to serve mine with my homemade cornbread and honey.

Vegetarian Minestrone

You are in for a treat. Even if you’re not a minestrone fan, you’ll most likely love this one after a few bites.

28 oz. fire roasted tomatoes
4 T. coconut oil
32 oz. Pacific brand vegetable stock
½ package Penne or rotelli pasta
1 16 oz. can each black, kidney and navy beans, rinsed
1 oz. package dried porcini mushrooms, minus a little
3 stalks celery, chopped
½ large yellow onion, chopped
Pink salt

1 C. chopped, fresh spinach

Sautee onion and celery in coconut oil till soft. Add tomatoes, beans, stock and dried mushrooms. Add pasta and simmer pasta according to package directions. Add spinach last, and simmer five minutes or until softened. The addition of the porcini mushrooms is incredible. Super hearty vegetarian soup.

Vegan Thai Coconut Curried Carrot

Wow, super good soup! You will love this. Unless your guy is an advanced eater, he probably won’t like this one. But don’t let that stop you from enjoying this. I based it on a soup I had from the food bar at Whole Foods. Try both, and see which one you like best!

Red Thai brand red curry paste, to taste (I do about 1 ½ t.)
Mild Indian curry to taste, (I add about 1 ½ t.)
Coconut oil, 3 – 4 T.
Coconut milk, 1 14 oz. can (full fat)
2 ½ C. Pacific brand vegetable stock
½ onion, chopped
5 lg. carrots, peeled and chopped
Hot chili pepper flakes
Fresh ginger, chopped fine


Coyo all natural coconut yogurt

Sautee onion in coconut oil in large stock pot. Add carrots and stock and simmer 30 minutes.

Puree in blender. Return to pot and add coconut milk, ginger, curries and pepper flakes. Simmer a few more minutes and stir.

Garnish with lime juice and coconut yogurt. Super flavorful! Try not to get curry on your hands. The smell sticks with your hands for two days!

I’ve spent the past ten years perfecting my life with arthritis. I want to share everything I know with you! My goal is to shine a light on the dangers of treating arthritis and other chronic illnesses with prescription drugs; and the health and moral benefits of eating a vegan, plant based diet. To learn more about adopting this beautiful, kind and energy enhancing lifestyle, get my freebie Pain Free Design andWellness here, so you can live a beautiful life at home with arthritis.

Live beautifully, eat beautifully.


Healthy at Home: Seven Powerful Keys to a Consistent at Home Wellness Practice

I bet like most of us girls you're still struggling with maintaining a consistent wellness practice. You have the gym membership, yoga classes, you try to eat right and even make yourself the occasional green drink but overall if we’re being completely honest, we women as a whole… are not all that healthy these days.

I've created this little article just for you my friend. I know you struggle just like me because I've been there, done that. If you know of anyone who struggles with consistency like we do, please share because this is a disheartening struggle for all of us. 

Image credit unknown

First and most importantly is the "where". Where do you eat right, rejuvenate, groom and perhaps even exercise most consistently? If you said home, you're on the right track.


The truth is the most consistent wellness practices happen at home simply because you have more control over what you eat there; where you don’t have to “go somewhere” or “stop some place” to exercise; where you have the option to have or not have tempting wine, dairy and sugary treats on hand; and where you can always find a quiet and pretty spot to restore yourself.

It's important to identify a spot that you feel good about, one that you'll return to time after time. This will reinforce a habit. f you don’t have a stand-alone workout space, let's talk about alternatives.

Not all of us have workout rooms and I have some suggestions. I've successfully used one end of my large formal living room; my den/ television room and my home office a little less successfully. In my current home my workout space is in the upstairs loft. This is where most of my home workouts happen now and it works really well because there’s room for my bike and other small equipment; the views are great; and the space is inspiring, clean, well lit and quiet.

What I don’t recommend is using the guest room because you're routines will fall apart the moment company comes. And I don’t recommend the master bed or bath simply because it’s already a hub of activities for hair styling, dressing, make up, dental care, etc. You need something that’s not so busy and one that doesn't represent sleep.


No, you don't need major weights or benches for this plan. All you need is a stay-bike, a re-bounder, two different size hand weights and a yoga mat. Some optional equipment could be yoga blocks, a stability ball, a kettle ball, and foam rollers for myo-fascial release.

If you haven’t tried the re-bounder yet, do yourself a big ol’ favor and fork out the $130 and get yourself one stat. Rebounding, is basically dance-bouncing, bare footed, in place to awesome music. It is mega fun, moves lymph, gets your heart rate up, burns calories and best of all alleviates depression in just 15-20 minutes a day. They are easy to store and feel super good on your legs, calves and feet.   

Yoga can happen at home my friend, with or without a mat. However, I like the mat because it’s a visual prompt and a great habit enhancer. I’ve been practicing it since I was a child, long before it became popular in this country. I’ve taken one yoga class in my adult life yet I’ve been consistently practicing it at home for more years than I can count.


Having a gym membership is beneficial too, don't get me wrong.  But the whole idea is not to skip working out just because you don't feel like going to the gym or doing your hair, or make up. Or because you don't have time to drive there. If for whatever reason you can't go, you know in a pinch you can get a sufficient workout at home.

I’m in the gym 20- 25 minutes, three times a week. Between the aerobic bike, rebounder, yoga and weights all my exercise needs are covered. 

Stationary bike
Rebounder (mini-trampoline) 
Yoga mat
Stability ball
Hand weights (one pair of light weight; one pair of heavy weight. I use ten lbs. but find what you're comfortable with)
Foam rollers
Yoga blocks
Kettle ball
Silicon foot massage ball (grabbing exercises for feet and toes)
Clothing and proper shoes, natch


There is really only one correct eating plan for all of us, and that’s a plant based, whole foods diet. The more organic and the more raw veggies, dark leafy greens, sprouted nuts and fresh fruits you include, the better. You can certainly choose animal products and you won’t die from them. But the fact remains alcohol, sugar, packaged foods, meat and dairy aren’t good for us so at the very least limit your intake. Read the China Study by Dr. T. Colin Campbell. Watch documentary Forks Over Knives. They give excellent science based explanations as to why plants are best for human consumption. Not animals and animal fats.

I get it. Making fresh salads and juices takes time! And it takes some getting used to. But guess what? That time you lose in chopping and juicing you gain from not having to cook as much.  My food prep goes like this: a morning green juice which I make two at a time and freeze, and bowl of berries; a big raw salad at lunch with garbanzo beans or soaked nuts, and roasted vegetable and savory plant based soups and chili for dinner. I make enough to last a few days. Sometimes if I feel like pasta, I'll add some rotelli to my soup and make a minestrone. 

So many people don't have the imagination to give up meat so for them I suggest wild salmon 3 - 4 times a week. Read books by Susan Blum, Joel Fuhrman and Eugene Zamperion on arthritis and fasting. The vegetarian cuisine is beautiful, healthy, flavorful, colorful, joyful, kind, ethical and diverse. I strongly urge you to give this vibrant new lifestyle a try and watch your skin firm up, your waistline shrink and your mood and energy soar. 


To ensure your own success you will want to seriously consider blocking out the time in your Google Calendar or iCalendar for exercise and meals. I schedule everything I do from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm including work, chores, exercise, errands, juicing, lunch and dinner. Because my workouts are sixty to seventy five minutes a day, five days a week, I have to schedule them tightly around work. I like to break them up into smaller chunks.  Ride your stay-bike or dance on the re-bounder twenty minutes every morning and on alternating days you can do Yoga or workout at your nearby gym. At 25 minutes a session, weights take considerably less time than yoga which is why I only do Yoga Tuesdays and Thursdays, and weights Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

I suggest your bike or re-bounder before work; or a walk during lunch; and your weights or Yoga practice after work. On the weekends do something outside, something less structured. I love tennis, hiking and kayaking with my mate. 


It’s important to set yourself up for success. If that means working out early in the morning then do that. If that means breaking it up into fifteen to twenty minute increments, do that.  Keeping agreements with yourself is incredibly important to not only your health but also your self-esteem. You know that friend who always keeps her word, the one you can always count on? Be her. And don’t forget to schedule it! 


To show up large in life, you need to dream and be inspired! Surround yourself with an environment you find to be beautiful, well-kept and organized. Envision yourself as the stunner you are every day.

If you need more help learning how to design your home and take better care of yourself at home, click here for my free blueprint to wellness at home, Pain Free Design and Wellness

Live beautifully, eat beautifully.



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