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Updating the Look of Antiques and Vintage Pieces into a Fresh, New Style

Few things please me more creatively than having design perimeters to include antiques and vintage pieces. Circa 1950 glass cocktail table with a gilt "wheat sheath base; Edwardian rotating bookcase; Curtis Jere' raindrop mirror? Yes, yes, yes.

The fun in this type of project lies in finding the right fabrics and furnishings to create a ‘mix of old and new’. The perfect sofa, chairs and coordinating fabrics pull the eras together into a visually pleasing way. I love the look and feel of this type of project. It’s much harder to achieve than buying all your furniture at one place in time but the benefits are numerous. By blending eras, your design schemes will evolve much better and stay in style longer. You won’t be replacing everything at once, in fact you probably won’t be replacing much at all except changing out the fabrics every fifteen years. It looks better. The appearance is less cookie cutter. The whole environment is more original.

When blending new fabrics and uphols…

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