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Q and A: Frequently Asked Questions About Remodeling Your Kitchen, Choosing Window Treatments and More

People of all ages love intriguing spaces. They love being both visually “stimulated” or “calmed” by their surroundings. Perhaps this comes from our days as children with forts and tree houses. Or maybe it’s a deeper nesting instinct. I’m not sure about the psychology.

Heckfield Place
At any rate, you can choose all the paint colors, carpet, fabrics and furnishings you like but designers will tell you the challenge is choosing elements that look fantastic “together”. It’s much more than just mixing color. It’s like telling a whole story: there are a lot of words and chapters but it’s the order the author puts them in that makes the book readable.Frequently Asked:
Q: “We are remodeling our kitchen, but we’re having a really hard time making decisions on styles, finishes and colors.”A: It’s really important to remember to tie the kitchen in with the rest of the architectural elements already present in your home such as flooring, molding, doors, casing, and windows. If you fail to do this …

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