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Refrigerator Redux for the Arthritis Diet

This is my weekly produce and fresh food list. They are all organic. The top list is what I eat on a weekly basis. It’s admittedly a lot of food but quite a bit of it is used for green juicing in the morning. I've also attached a very important video to watch for when you bring your food home from the grocery store. 

Between the virus and hoarding, I’ve been so fortunate that my neighborhood Whole Foods and Sprouts have been staying well stocked with produce. I’ve been able to pretty much get what I need every week. Except toilet paper.


3 bundles lacinto kale
9 heads of romaine
Box washed baby spinach
3-4 limes
3 lemons
7-8 apples
4 cucumbers
3 bundle cilantro
1 package sprouts
Small package Sweet Angel tomatoes
Red onion
Head celery
Bag baby carrots
Head broccoli or shredded
Coconut yogurt
1-2 Malk sprouted almond milk
Wheat grass juice
1 large or 2 small containers berries
Frozen 100% wheat grass juice, 1 shot daily


Chia seeds
Pacific brand all natural vegetable stoc…

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